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> None of my installed Type1 fonts are selectable when trying to set the font
> for text in Scribus.  User manual and online Help doesn't give much
> attention
> to Type1 fonts except commenting that they're supported.  Is this a known
> issue or am I missing some trick to get this to work?  I'd rather use my
> installed Adobe Type1 fonts instead of looking for TrueType "equivalents"
> on
> the net.
> i use windows xp pro 2ghz turion64.  i have over 3000 fonts on my machine
and i have no problems seeing all of my installed fonts in scribus.

are you sure you installed your fonts correctly?  have you uninstalled and
installed scribus again?

i have that problem with my scanner software with regards to seeing a late
installed color profile.  so it could be the current install of scribus
causing your problem.  try uninstalling and doing a fresh install of scribus
and see if that doesn't solve your problem.

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