[scribus] Opening a V1.3.3.14 .sla file in V1.3.6

a.l.e ale.comp_06 at xox.ch
Thu Mar 25 14:25:30 CET 2010

hi george,

> I thought I would try out V.1.3.6 so I copied a V .sla file to another folder 
> and opened it with V 1.3.6. It really looks good, better than the original. Great!

it should look exaclty like the original! if not, it's a bug...

> I reset some of the settings for my body text style and they didn't take effect. I found I 
> had to open the story editor (Edit Text), reset the paragraph styles to body text, even 
> though they were already listed as body text. Then the changes I made took effect.
> Is this planned behavior? Now that the styles have been reset its no big deal but it 
> seemed odd to me.

this may be related to the fact that the frames don't have their own 
formatting anymore, only the text has...
 but it's a bit hard to tell, without knowing the exact case.

if this really happen, it may be a good idea to document it somewhere...


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