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avox avox at arcor.de
Tue Mar 23 13:54:35 CET 2010

> ...
> I would agree entirely that the authors should be recompensed for their
> effort in putting the manual together. 
> However, I find it an interesting sentiment to be aired on a list that has
> at times displayed a (sometimes bad-tempered) dislike of the whole idea of
> intellectual property.
> Now, as far as I can tell (as a named inventor - you can look me up on the
> european patents database) the patent system only benefits corporations,
> but how do we ensure that authors get adequate reward for their work
> witout copy rights?
> Clive Catterall

Mailing lists can display many many differnt and even contradicting ideas. I
don't know why you think the general Scribus list member dislikes the idea
of IP. Scribus is GPL, and that license is based on copy rights. I do think
most people on this list accept the copy right system.

My view on some IP issues:
a) Most of us dislike the way eg. Pantone claims IP rights (copyright?
patent? trade secret?) to their color palettes. I just don't think that a
list of numbers needs protection by copy rights or patents.
b) If people claim IP rights for obvious and simple ideas, they hamper
progress. How can someone work if his/her next thought might already be
patented by someone else? 
c) The patent system in the US has evolved into some art of commercial/legal
warfare and has very little to do with creativity.
d) Cases like i4i vs. Microsoft don't really show the need of patents.
IM(IANAL)HO Microsoft should pay damages just because of breach of contract
and stealing of trade secrets. It's a pity i4i needs patents to protect
itself from such a behaviour as that of Microsoft.


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