[scribus] Embed, subset, or outline?

John Jason Jordan johnxj at comcast.net
Mon Mar 22 19:01:38 CET 2010

I have a document that uses seven fonts. The document was created in on Fedora 11 x86_64. All the fonts are open source, hence I
assume there are no restrictions on embedding (how can I find that
out for sure?).

When I go to export as PDF under the Fonts tab all seven fonts are
listed in the left window. To the right are two windows, Embed on the
top and Outline on the bottom. The default behavior is to have the
right two windows empty. If I click on Embed All, Scribus immediately
places all seven in the Outline window. If I select any of them in the
Outline window and click on the up arrow to move it up to the Embed
window, the font disappears from the Outline window, but does not move
up to the Embed window. Nothing I can do will get any of them into the
Embed window.

If I leave the setting at the default - that is, all seven listed in
the left window and none listed in the Embed or Outline windows,
evidently Scribus still places the fonts into the PDF. I know this is
true because when I open the PDF in Adobe Reader it lists the fonts. Or
maybe Scribus just places a pointer to the font in the PDF and Adobe
Reader would fail to display the PDF correctly if I opened the PDF on a
computer that did not have the fonts installed.

My (dim) understanding is that Embed places the entire font in the PDF,
Subset places only the glyphs actually used in the document into the
PDF, and Outline converts everything to paths so they are just vector
outlines. I am trying to find ways to reduce the size of the PDF, but
the Export to PDF dialog box has me confused. 

The PDF will be used for printing to laser printers. Therefore:

1) Which option will result in fastest print times, Embed, Subset or

2) How can I get Scribus to embed the fonts if it refuses to move the
fonts to the Embed window? Is it possible Scribus is confused about
whether the font can be embedded or not? Can I fix this?

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