[scribus] Making PDFs

Julian Robbins julian.robbins at q-par.com
Fri Mar 12 10:41:04 CET 2010

Hi Andrew
> I had a problem sending up a PDF of a 12 page A4 Scribus document to ISSUU.
> (ISSUU is a website that publishes documents for people.)
> I read the ISSUU instructions for formatting the PDF and there was one part
> that said the fonts should be embedded but not in outline format.
> I found I could only choose "not embedded" or "embedded and outline" format.
> Whilst the latter would not work with ISSUU I was fortunate enough to be
> successful by not embedding my fonts.
> Is this a problem of my not understanding the terminology here, or is there
> a problem within the PDF making code within Scribus?
> I am using whatever stable edition is sitting in the Ubuntu 9.10 repository.
Firstly, you'll be using as far I remember (which is fine) with 
Ubuntu Karmic (unless you've added the newer packages from Malex's 
repository (not a bad idea to do)) .

You may also want to check in Document Setup, how your font is setup, ie 
whether its ticked for Subset or not, and with Embed in Postscript (I'm 
not sure why is termed as that). Shouldn't this make more sense as 
'Embedded in PDF' ??

These settings select whether you're allowed to subset or just outline 
fonts in the PDF production.

Nice to see other users in the UK using Scribus !

Herefordshire, UK

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