[scribus] Started new blog on Scribus

David Butt daibutt at gmail.com
Fri Mar 12 10:49:32 CET 2010

I've stated a new blog on Desktop publishing using Scribus as a way to learn
Word Press and further my learning using Scribus.
If you would like to leave a suggestion or any info I'd be grateful. Since
this blog can host videos I was thinking of hosting my own as well as other
peoples videos as well. First I will have to learn a bit more about Word

David Butt

Email: daibutt at gmail.com
Gizmo: David000    Gizmo/sip:1-747-630-1588
Gizmo: Dai777    Gizmo/sip:1-747-272-4400
skype: dai7261

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