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Louis Desjardins louis.desjardins at gmail.com
Fri Mar 5 14:16:04 CET 2010

2010/3/5 Peter Nermander <peter at nermander.se>

> > If for some reason we must add a page to a left-right layout, the first
> > thing to consider would be to add 2 pages instead of one. The left-right
> But, we might want to move a page. Or a whole chapter. We might be
> doing a book with each chapter in a separate file, then whether the
> first page is left or right depends on the length of the preceeding
> chapters...

Yes and no. Depends on how the book is structured. For instance, as is often
the case, chapters start on a right page. So, there are going to be only 2
issues related to a modification in a chapter:

   - The chapter itself will need to be reorganised.
   - The pagination of the subsequent chapters will need to follow
      - If the job was done in separate files, that repagination will have
      to be done for each chapter. If not, Scribus will take care of the page
      numbers automatically (provided that all the job was done using templates
      and auto page number, etc. etc.).
      - Additional note: and the total pagination of the book must always be
      considered when you add or remove pages. A book of 301 pages
doesn’t exist
      in a printer’s reality.

Let’s be practical here because it’s the only possible approach. If one is
to switch a right page for a left page, he must  know that this move will
affect the layout, in a situation where the document layout is "facing

> So this is a situation where word processors and TeX makes it a lot
> easier than Scribus. I really think these kind of conditional things
> are getting more and more important.

Just as a parenthesis in this discussion, allow me to doubt that a word
processor would do a better job in this particular case. End of parenthesis!
As for TeX, even if it is true (and I cannot be sure as I don’t know enough
TeX), the idea of finding a way of solving the situation *within Scribus’
capacities* is important too. If someone has started to layout a book of 300
pages in Scribus and finds himself in front of such an issue, we can help by
finding Scribus ways of solving the issue.

Plus, this is a really interesting case and it’s also a case in which many
people might get into, some day.

> One thing I think many book authors want is to be able to place things
> (a small illustration, a text frame with a note or hint etc applying
> to a certain part of the main text) in the outer margin. But Scribus
> can't do this well, the item has to be placed manually and won't move
> with the content nor switch margin if the page is changed from left to
> right.

Let’s improve Scribus, then. We need your ideas!


> /Peter
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