[scribus] Quicktorials

a.l.e ale.comp_06 at xox.ch
Thu Mar 4 09:22:29 CET 2010


>> It is difficult to generate something like this for both newbies and
>> experienced users. Typically you must go to the lowest common
>> denominator in its construction. Let's be realistic, Scribus is not a
>> program that was designed to focus on the low end of the DTP user
>> spectrum. Professional users won't use this kind of learning more than
>> once or a fraction of once.
> From my experience, it depends on the kind of software you are working 
> with. For such a thing, I would ask at Kdenlive, a video editor 
> project. They already made a few video tutorials, and I found these 
> helped a lot to learn handling effects and stuff. Then I know Bibble 
> (closed source RAW picture processor) who have a few very good video 
> tutorials which helped me but are bit lengthy.
> For Scribus, I agree there is a difference. Although I can imagine 
> some basic handling things to be well presented as a video (Gimp would 
> be another candidate), most of the more advanced features can be 
> (better?) shown using text + some screenshots.
> So my tip would be to go to www.kdenlive.org and try there.

i also was quite skeptical when i first read about the proposal by robert.

but i also notice that the are many people loving the video tutorial 
done by riku...

i don't know exactly how robert wants implement his quicktorials but i 
seem to recall that he wanted to have very short videos (about 30 
seconds) and very focused on one single task.

what i think could work is a workflow like this:
* you go to a menu item
* you press shift+F1 while the menu is open (or press shift+F1 whild a 
window/dialog is open...)
* a sidebar is shown with a list of quicktorials matching the tags 
related to the current context
* you can watch the quicktorials in the sidebar
the tags and the quicktorials are not installed on the user's computer 
but are requested via http from the server.
(well, i think that we should allow to install them locally, too...)


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