[scribus] Hi noob question about paragraph styles

a.l.e ale.comp_06 at xox.ch
Wed Mar 3 10:05:13 CET 2010

hi ws,

> I am trying to create a header with a certain colored background, and
> a following body of text with a different colored background. When I
> create them in paragraph styles, they each share the same background
> color. Am I doing this wrong?
> My goal is to be able to select a line style in the story editor, and
> have the header have a colored background and have the text have a
> new line style with a different background color.

afaik, there is currently no way to add a background color to a paragraph or a character.

i think that this was not a problem for a long time, but seen how the print media has been influenced by the web layout i think it's now a feature which should be urgently be added to scribus.

since we want to be able to do all the fancy thing we can do with frame, also with framing, i wonder if it wouldn't be worth to propose as a gsoc project for the the embedded frames. this could include:
- a way to resize the embedded frame after its insertion;
- the content of the embedded frame should be editable;
- an option to align the baseline of the embedded frame (first line) with the baseline of the container (current line).
- a flexible way to control the vertical placement of the embedded frame;
- an option to avoid automatic "reflowing" of text frames (the result would be a cut text; no linked text would be possible; this could be handy also for other cases).

here a screenshot of what one can already do with scribus:


it's promising but imho not enough :-)

so: do you think it would be doable for a gsoc project?

or should scribus implement some real formating for character background and character "box"?

for now, you have to draw a shape in the background. i can't really say that this is a good solution, just a workaround which works well for traditional designs :-)


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