[scribus] Hi noob question about paragraph styles

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The background color isn't paragraf properties, is text-frame properties, so you have 2 posibilities.1) make diferent text frame for header and text body, each with own bg color.2) make one text frame inclusing header and body text, but with bg color set  'none'. Make an other layer (put it behind the text) and in this layer, draw rectangle with color what you need. One under header, one under body text.

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I am trying to create a header with a certain colored background, and a following body of text with a different colored background. When I create them in paragraph styles, they each share the same background color. Am I doing this wrong?

My goal is to be able to select a line style in the story editor, and have the header have a colored background and have the text have a new line style with a different background color.

Thanks in advance,

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