[scribus] Little red boxes in text documents

Michael F. Chamness michael at chamness-machina.com
Tue Mar 2 10:02:32 CET 2010

I'm getting those little red boxes throughout text documents I bring
into my work via the "insert text" command, from kwrite in OpenSUSE
linux. They always appear where an apostrophe or a quote mark should be,
and sometimes in empty spaces between sentences. They add extra blank
spaces if ignored, when the document is printed, so I put the cursor to
the left of each, add the punctuation mark needed, if any, and then
delete the red box. If I type a document myself directly into a text
frame, or use the story editor, the red boxes do not appear. They're
harmless and easily removed, I suppose they have a purpose, and in a
very long text document they could be quite annoying. I'm only doing
newsletters and church bulletins, so they're just one more step to be
dealt with.

Michael F. Chamness
Montpelier, ND 58472

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