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Louis Desjardins louis.desjardins at gmail.com
Thu Jun 24 15:02:28 CEST 2010

2010/6/24 Gregory Pittman <gregp_ky at yahoo.com>

> On 06/24/2010 05:47 AM, TSH wrote:
>> On Thu, 24 Jun 2010 15:41:33 +0930, Ray wrote:
>>  As a newbie to Scribus and Ubuntu, all I want to be able to do in a
>>> quick&  simple manner is to place 2 or 3 photos, with coloured borders
>>> and adjustable shadows onto a page, with a little text. So far I can put
>>> the text&  photos onto a blank page and even rotate them a bit - but
>>> making coloured borders&  shadows seems to escape me. Properties just
>>> doesn't seem to cover this action.
>> For simple coloured borders, select the object and open the properties
>> dialog. Go to the 'Line' tab and select the type of line and size. Now go
>> to the 'Colours' tab, click on the 'Line' button at the top (icon of a
>> pencil drawing a line) and select your preferred colour.
>> For the shadow, you need to cheat, and you can't do a soft shadow. But if
>> you're happy with a hard edged shadow:
>> 1) Copy the object and paste, so that you have a duplicate (it will sit
>> directly over the original).
>> 2) Now, with the new object still selected, right click and 'Convert to'
>> a polygon.
>> 3) In the properties dialog, under the 'Colours' tab, click on the 'Fill'
>> button (icon of bucket) and select the colour for the shadow (do this for
>> the Line also).
>> 4) Now offset the shadow the desired amount, then right click and Level>
>> Lower until it is under the original object.
>> 5) If you want, you can select both the original object and the shadow
>> object and go Item>  Group, so that they become a unit.
>>  Don't forget that you can assign some transparency to your shadow to
> soften it a bit. I haven't played around with it, but I wonder if something
> might be done with gradients or maybe even patterns in the fill of the
> shadow object to give it a softer edge.
> You can of course, make an image of a solid color with feathered edges in
> Gimp and then import that into an image frame in Scribus underneath your
> image. This might not be so bad if your images are of all one or just a few
> sizes.

I wonder whether such an image could resist well to some non-proportional

What you have tested and shown in the following email is great ! It works.


> Greg
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