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Ed Keith e_d_k at yahoo.com
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I use both Inkscape & Scribus (beginner at both) and do not consider them competing  tools, but rather as complementary tools. I frequently include graphics created with Inkscape in Scribus documents. 

Not knowing what the desired label is supposed to look like I can not say which tool would be better, or if maybe a combination of both would be best. 

I generally use Inkscape to draw pictures. I uses Scribus to layout text. Of course there is a fair degree of overlap, but I have never included a Scribus document in an Inkscape graphic.


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> On 06/23/2010 11:45 AM, Peter
> Nermander wrote:
> >> My sister sent me the link to this software as I
> am trying to set up labels for my business and want to do
> labels as well to cover handcrafted
> soaps.   So, I do have a specific purpose for
> getting this to work.   I want to be able to
> make oval labels to print out and I am at the point where I
> can click on a circle shape and get it to become an oval but
> for the life of me can not work the colours??
> > 
> > Hold your horses. If you are going to do labels I
> really suggest that
> > you try Inkscape first. I don't think it is necessary
> to learn Scribus
> > for that, Inkscape is generally more inutitive.
> I don't think I can agree with the sentiment that Inkscape
> = easy (intuitive) and Scribus = hard (nonintuitive).
> I don't find Inkscape especially intuitive at all. It's
> certainly easy to just begin clicking and do stuff on the
> page, but there are a dizzying number of widgets and gadgets
> and rather obtuse menu items.
> I think we're  pretty tolerant of people having their
> opinions here, but that doesn't mean we're happy about
> people using this ML to tout the benefits of Inkscape or TeX
> or whatever over Scribus.
> It's something like being invited to dinner at a person's
> home and then talking about how good the food was somewhere
> else.
> Greg
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