[scribus] Colour Management, etc

a.l.e ale.comp_06 at xox.ch
Wed Jun 23 21:47:02 CEST 2010


> > Hold your horses. If you are going to do labels I really suggest
> > that you try Inkscape first. I don't think it is necessary to learn
> > Scribus for that, Inkscape is generally more inutitive.
> I don't think I can agree with the sentiment that Inkscape = easy 
> (intuitive) and Scribus = hard (nonintuitive).
> I don't find Inkscape especially intuitive at all. It's certainly
> easy to just begin clicking and do stuff on the page, but there are a 
> dizzying number of widgets and gadgets and rather obtuse menu items.

you're right. depending on what you want to do, inkscape can be hard to use.

still, my small experience in teaching both scribus and inkscape tend to show that inkscape is perceived as cool and easy to work with and scribus an application where most things don't work as expected and the people are taught some tedious skills.
this happens with both  beginners and graphic designers who have never used our software.

probably, this also relates to the fact that it's much more fun to draw a frog than to layout a three fold brochure!

may it be that vector drawing is more intuitive than DTP?

> I think we're  pretty tolerant of people having their opinions here,
> but that doesn't mean we're happy about people using this ML to tout
> the benefits of Inkscape or TeX or whatever over Scribus.

personally, as long as the the poster is indeed answering the question the user asked, somehow understanding what the needs of the user are, and his intent is to make her life easier... well i'm comfortable with it.

suggesting to a DTP-newbie on OS X to use TeX for a newsletter makes me shake my head... but for somebody wanting to create some labels, using inkscape may indeed be the easier way... (it depends in the features the user needs...)

> It's something like being invited to dinner at a person's home and
> then talking about how good the food was somewhere else.

well, i have more the feeling that you have invited 8 hobby cooks at your table. somebody was going to mac donald's, walked by your window and could not resist the good smell, looked through the open window, you greeted her and asked her to join you.
now, she had the bad idea to ask you for some ketchup to put on the baked potatoes with rosemary on a bed of anchovy filets. the people you have invited start discussing very warmly in what cases they would accept that ketchup being served... and they finish by praising somebody else food...

shit happens.

and now i go to the kitchen and cut a few slices of a juicy melon... people living around here are welcome to join until 23:00.


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