[scribus] A Eureka moment!

Riku Leino tsoots at gmail.com
Wed Jun 23 18:12:35 CEST 2010

Cool, I really enjoyed reading the story. Made my day!

Bruce McIntyre kirjoitti keskiviikko, 23. kesäkuuta 2010 04:41:28:
> Lemme tell you about an utterly cool moment with Scribus:
> I'm working at a bridge tournament transferring results data to a
> 24-page publication overnight.  This is my second time using Scribus to
> do it and I have taken many good suggestions from this forum and a few
> by e-mail (thanks): but the Perl program I have written, to transfer the
> text files produced by the bridge scoring program into nicely tabbed
> text, ready to input into Scribus where I can select styles tailored for
> each type of bridge event, isn't quite working yet--and as a result, the
> old way, editing a text file more or less by hand, at a tournament of
> this size (4 times larger than the one I was at in April!) is eating up
> about 2.5-3 hours a night, almost half the time available.
> Two of the five daily issues have appeared, with vast swatches of white
> space in places I simply did not get time to complete before the print
> shop demanded the file.  For the first issue I abandoned printing about
> a dozen photos of winners with time running short and a pre-written
> article seeming to be a faster import.  Going into the third I think I
> have got my Perl program working, and tests on the previous two days of
> files seem to be OK.  I'm alone in a Denny's waiting for food, trying to
> ignore the lack of sleep, looking through the Scribus manual (this being
> the nearest inexpensive restaurant to a huge bridge tournament, you
> always bring something to read because it might be forever!) for tips I
> hadn't thought of.  Almost at random, I come across section on
> page 78, about text filters.  I look through the contents for the
> section on Text Filters (because in you didn't tell me exactly
> where it was!) and read it with great interest, and...
> Eureka!  (Food comes and I don't notice.)  In addition to having my
> program set up the tabbed columns, I can also have it add a tag to the
> start of each paragraph based on the type of output it is and the style
> I want to use.  Can it possibly be this simple?
> It can!  A quick adjustment to the program and the time saved was up to
> 4 hours an issue.  No more selecting paragraphs and choosing a style,
> for 15 pages of results.  On an overnight turnaround, that is money in
> the bank.  An excellent feature, so cool that one would think it was
> made exactly for my purposes -- and one that I never saw in a decade and
> a half of working with Publisher.
> Excellent job, guys.  Thanks!

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