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Hello All,

I am as new as Dori...   

I have read the basics and still trying to figure out the software.  I have read the basics and installed the Ghostscript fonts that it says that I need.

My sister sent me the link to this software as I am trying to set up labels for my business and want to do labels as well to cover handcrafted soaps.   So, I do have a specific purpose for getting this to work.   I want to be able to make oval labels to print out and I am at the point where I can click on a circle shape and get it to become an oval but for the life of me can not work the colours??    

 I have been reading Colour Management and after a few days I need to walk away and breath!  :(

Now, I would like a soft aqua in the oval and then text on top of that to set up a page full of ovals and perhaps other type labels as well.

Is there such a book as - Scribus for Dummies??    LOL    I suppose you have been asked this before...
I know this is not a word processor but a page layout program but can I not make labels on this worksheet layout?

I know I need to save the pic I want to use as a .tiff so that when it is resized it will not distort.  But, I still am having difficulty in this area..    

Bottom line is the price is right for the program and I have read so many wonderful things about this program's capabilities...  I just can't seem to get it to do what I need...   :(

Thank you for listening to me  whine.... 

Carole in Pennsylvania

Natural Bath & Body Products 
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dear dori,
> That's great. I can't even get the software to start up.
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this is a support and community list for the scribus software.
you're welcome to ask question about scribus in here.

f you can't start scribus there are four possible reasons:
- you're trying to start an .exe under linux
- you're trying to run scribus 1.3.7 under os x 10.4
- you're trying to run scribus on a windows system which is older than
 windows 2000
- you're starting up scribus by inserting the keys of your car into an
 usb plug.
for most of those cases there is a solution ready for you (even if it's
ot always very simple).
so:  can you give some more details about your problem?
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