[scribus] Font installation for use with OpenOffice?

Nis Donatzsky Hansen donatzsky at anaerob.dk
Thu Jun 24 00:17:17 CEST 2010

On 23-06-2010 12:27, JLuc wrote:
> Le 23/06/2010 12:19, Peter Nermander a écrit :
>>> Um, copying a font to the \Windows\Fonts directory *IS* a way you
>>> install fonts in Windows. If a font or a shortcut to it appears in
>>> \Windows\Fonts, the font is installed. You can also right-click on
>>> the font when it is elsewhere and select Install or Install
>>> Shortcut, but the results are absolutely no different than simply
>>> copying or creating a shortcut. You can also highlight a font that's
>>> in another directory, select Copy, then go to \Windows\Fonts and
>>> select Paste and voila! your font is now in \Windows\Fonts and all
>>> ready to go.
>> That is really strange because The Font Thing can Uninstall a font but
>> still keep the font file in the Fonts directory.
>> Maybe it is that Windows Explorer is "intelligent" and installs the
>> font when you copy it to the Fonts directory? I never use Windows
>> Explorer but Total Commander and I have never had any success by just
>> copying a font file to the Fonts directory. But maybe it requires a
>> Windows restart before it shows up? (Becuase I can't imagine Windows
>> will scan the Fonts directory all the time?)
> Windows font directory isn't what it seems to be.
> For example copying a file to it wont work if the file isnt a font
> since this pseudo directory is actually the display of the installed 
> fonts.
> Copying a font to is synonymous to installing a font.
> JLuc

Simply having a font in the fonts folder doesn't mean that it's also 
installed. It will have to be added to the registry as well, in the list 
of installed fonts. This is why using Total Commander (or many other 3rd 
party filemanagers) to copy it there won't work, since they don't see it 
as a special folder and so don't perform the necessary magic to make the 
font work.
In fact it's a folder like any other and the only thing that makes it 
different from other folders is that it has been designated "special", 
and so triggers some specific behavior in Explorer. This is also why 
fonts can be anywhere and still work: they really just have to be added 
to the list of fonts in the registry - it doesn't matter where they are 
It should even be possible - by mucking about in the registry - to 
change which folder is the fonts folder.

- Nis

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