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hi tom

> Considering that it's been decades--literally--since I did anything
> at all in Unix, I will heed your warning. 

i guess that unix has much changed in the last few decades!

if you hadn't touched a computer in all those years you wouldn't recognize
both windows nor linux/unix (well, you may recognize a mac, though...).

and you would be given an installed computer with some mainstream linux on
it, you would never think it's a unix.

finally, installing linux is probably easier than installing windows... but
i agree that there are some configuration steps which are harder. but those
get fewer and rarer!

and compiling free software is much easier with linux than with windows.
that's life.

> 1.3.7 does create TIFFs but it is my understanding that I need them
> to be in CMYK for that printer. What options must one select to make
> that happen? The TIFF I created has "Photometric interpretation RGB"
> and Ifear that means the TIFF is RGB rather than CMYK.

i see the problem... no way to choose a color space for the output...i
wonder if enabling the color management may solve...

does anybody know if it is possible?


p.s.: tom, could you please keep the subject of the thread? if you're
replying to the digest, you should manually copy paste the subject of the
mail you're replying to into the subject line.

I know nothing about color management and would appreciate being directed to
something that explains it. I don't know where to start.

Something that confuses me is spot color. Doesn't Scribus automatically
convert all colored areas to process color? Is there a way to specify that a
particular area is to be in a Pantone color?

I haven't been totally away from computers the last 20 years, just Unix. I
haven't done much programming in that time either unless you count writing
stored procedures for SQL Server.

With deadlines looming, I decided to take what appears to be a prudent
course and am using Adobe Acrobat 9 Pro for the 30-day trial basis. I only
have a couple of covers to get out soon. After that I should have time to
load a Unix development version on a thumb drive and try to create
PDF/X-1a:2001 files directly with Scribus. If that doesn't work, I'll look
for an older version of Acrobat on ebay.

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