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On Saturday 17 July 2010 17:46:33 Tom wrote:
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> 1.3.7 offers the option to export as tif. please consider 
upgrading to the
> unstable (but soon probably stable...) version.
> ciao
> a.l.e
> I downloaded 1.3.7 and it seems to work. However, the 
TIFF that was created
> is quite large. Fortunately the printer allows cover files to 
be 250MB in
> size but LZW compression might be useful if I knew how 
to select it.

> Does 1.3.7 create output in PDF/X-1a:2001 format files as 
required by some
> widely-used commercial printers?
> Thanks,
LSI will take a pdf with x/1-a:2001 or alternatively a tiff file.
The bleeding edge  version of Scribus, 1.5.0, will allow X/1-a 
output. That is the one I use. I update it nightly.  If you don't 
want to use that version then save as tiff from 1.3.7.

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