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hi tom,

> If you save as bitmap and use tiff extension on the file name then 
> that should give you a tiff file.
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> I must have an old version of Scribus or am blind. Here is what I see:
> 1. Scribus version 1.33.14 is what I have on my Windoze system.
> 2. Save as results in a .sla file regardless of what extension I give 
> it. 3. Export/Save as image only gives BMP,JPEG,PBM,PNG,PPM,XBM & XPM 
> as choices for file type. Selecting BMP results in BMP file even if I 
> enter .tif at end of file name.
> 4. I cannot find "Save as bitmap" anywhere as a command or option.
> Perhaps I don't know where to look.
> 5. Wiki lists TIFF as an export format for Scribus, so it must be 
> possible. 6. The tutorial only covers Export/Save as image and lists 
> the same file types that I see on my system.

1.3.7 offers the option to export as tif. please consider upgrading to the
unstable (but soon probably stable...) version.


I downloaded 1.3.7 and it seems to work. However, the TIFF that was created
is quite large. Fortunately the printer allows cover files to be 250MB in
size but LZW compression might be useful if I knew how to select it.

My cover has some significant areas filled with solid colors. Should I
select Convert spot colors to process colors or does selecting printer
output cause this conversion automatically?

Does 1.3.7 create output in PDF/X-1a:2001 format files as required by some
widely-used commercial printers? 


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