[scribus] Extrange bus on Scribus.

Richard eyelagui at adinet.com.uy
Mon Jan 25 21:45:32 CET 2010

My english is not so good, and i don't know what rant means, but i can 
OK, i'm under some pressure and it gets released in the wrong 
directions, i'm sorry.

I said my version, but on the wrong message, that i send with the wrong 

I'm using on Windows. is the last stable version i have found.
I dont want to go 1.3.5 because of the file format, if something goes 
wrog or if 1.3.5 is not stable enough and i have to go back 1.3.3 i dont 
want to lose a job (or a part of it) I tried 1.3.5 in the past, but was 
too unstable.
It is stable enough today?
Is a compiled 1.3.5 for windows ready?

Thanks again, and i'm sorry for my bad temper.

And is not about select and unselect, is about marking as selected, 
items that were outside the selection box i draw. (i send a .gif on a 
prior message)

El 25/01/2010 04:53 p.m., Gregory Pittman escribió:
> On 01/25/2010 12:10 PM, Richard wrote:
>> I'm sorry Gregory... but... ¿WHAT?
>> Click and drag impossible?.... ¿since when?
>> tricky?, what?...
> It might help if you would get out of rant mode for a bit. Personally, 
> I would say that if you try to drag around a number of objects without 
> also selecting another one in the center, AFAIK this is impossible. 
> It's also tricky in other situations.
> I am not seeing this unwanted selection happening in 1.3.5 or in 
> You have never said which version and platform you are 
> using. I note that now that I've had a chance to check on 
> Windows, the deselect operation doesn't work, at least with any key 
> combination I can think of right now.
> You might try getting and seeing if that meets your needs. 
> Otherwise, channeling your energy into a bug report (after looking to 
> see if your problem has already been reported) might be more useful to 
> the project.
> Greg
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