[scribus] Tagged PDF (was Re: Making an eBook with Scribus)

a.l.e ale.comp_06 at xox.ch
Mon Jan 18 14:12:35 CET 2010

hi steven && co.
>>> I haven't looked into this yet but will Scribus make a tagged PDF
>>> document? There is a certain word processor that can?
>> I don't know, actually. I'm pretty new to Scribus, but I know there seems to
>> be quite a bit of PDF functionality in Scribus that I don't usually use. I'm
>> playing around with it, and I'm going to enjoy tweaking my PDFs. let me know
>> if you find anything related to tagged PDFs.

before scribus can produce tagged pdf -- afaict -- it should get a way 
to structure frames in scribus itself... this is a feature which would 
also enable producing an html version of the scribus document...

have fun

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