[scribus] A New Concept of Character Spacing? (was Re: Why scribus lacks letter-spacing?)

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> >How do these concepts compare to InDesign's optical character spacing?
> I'm not sure, but I THINK my idea is a simpler concept. It would involve the font designer, at the design stage, setting the "close approach" value for the font (that is, how close any two visible glyphs should approach each other at their closest points). On the layout end, the engine would find where that close approach would be for each of the visible-glyph pairs in use and set that close approach to the value previously set for the font. No exceptions, no epicycles, no Ptolemy. The engine would not care which glyphs are involved; it just finds the closest approach for that pair and sets it to the "close approach" value for that font.


** Your "simple concept" need a lot of parameters depending of the character set used

and cases between them, so a strong engine one in addition to engine layout.

There is a part in the design to have a spacing value low, medium or hight.

My closest approach maybe not yours too.

The spacing adjustement is made at start, even if some programs can increase

or decrease it, in order to the user to make his own rendering.

Traditionaly, spacing is made by case (lower case with lower case, leaning etc.)

Kern pair is more a special spacing ajustement to rule specific pair (Va Yo by etc...)

and not to correct spacing itself.


If my mind is good, the optical character spacing don't use the side bearing but 

the point values of glyph contained in the CCF table. But I'm not sure that can rule all. 

Some programs using auto-spacing don't give always best result with 

some glyphs too (f,t,y,g,j).





PS: sorry for my lake in english...





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