[scribus] Bleed & crop marks

a.l.e ale.comp_06 at xox.ch
Thu Dec 30 09:50:21 CET 2010

hi james,

> "When a
> person asks a question in English, why not reply in English so that
> he and all the English speaking members who read the question, can
> share in the answer?"

because a person may be able to read the question in english but not to write a complex answer in that language. guessing that the original poster may better understand french than english -- and knowing that this list allows posts in any languages somebody sees fitting -- he dares to formulate some complex thoughts about bleed and crop marks in french and post them in here.

i guess that if you had politely asked for a translation of the mail (stating that you, too are interested in bleeds an crop marks), by now, you would probably have been able to read an abstract of what JLuc wrote earlier this week.


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