[scribus] scribus 1.5svn is not meant for production use

a.l.e ale.comp_06 at xox.ch
Sun Dec 12 18:09:29 CET 2010

dear john,

> I do wish that the Scribus team would declare something newer than 
> as stable. Newbie after Newbie downloads the obsolete
> version and then gets in trouble over the divide in
> file formats. I understand the rigidity that now exists, but it is
> hurting our new members. The experienced Scribus users have all moved
> on to something in the 1.3.x cycle and I have moved on to 1.5.0.
> Once a more recent version is declared "stable" then the Debian etc. 
> repositories will add it and the Windoze folks will be led to it by 
> the Download pages. It won't do any harm and it will end the 
> confusion.  

could you please stop mentioning that you use 1.5.0?

that version is not meant to be used by normal users.

it's nice that you can work with it. i also do.

but we should never mention it to people, who have problem with their copy of scribus.

it's really not ready for prime time! (even if it works for your and my (limited) needs).

scribus 1.5svn is meant for testing. if somebody can use it to work with it, well it's ok and he is welcome to do so. but we should never advise other people to use it in production. never never never never.*

and concerning 1.3.x, you may have mentioned that 1.4 has reached beta status: we can hope to have a fresh stable version in the first few months of 2011.

so, it's now really ok to suggest somebody missing features or hitting bugs in to switch to 1.3.9.

the future will be bright!


* well, never... at least not as long as it has been stabilized a bit... which won't happen before mid 2011 (not even for the most optimist like me).

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