[scribus] Limited colour palette in 1.3.9

Lisa Charles lisa at arpctitanium.com
Fri Dec 10 12:26:40 CET 2010

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> Subject: Limited colour palette in 1.3.9
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> The coluor palette in 1.3.9 is very small, unlike all the colours in
> version
> I have installed ICC profiles and activated colout management - has this
> affected how many colours are available? Also in the colours that are
> available some have a small triangle alert sign next to it - what does
> this mean?
> I'm trying to change the colour of the text in a heading to a pale grey
> and there is no grey available to select at all.
> Please can someone shed some light on this for me.
>Hi Lisa,

>Scribus still has a number of palettes, and an enlarging number at that.

>Here is the "trick":

>With no document open, go to Edit > Colors. Now you will see an ability 
>to choose a Color Set to your liking, one of which will be the one 
>you're used to from, plus quite a number of others.


Thanks, seen the many colour sets to choose from now and can see how you
create your own colour.

Do you know what the red outlined triangle means that appears next to some
colour set in properties. I first thought it was only next to RGB and not
CMYK colours. But then realised this wasn't the case. Are the colours with
the triangle alert/warning not to be used for some reason based on the
document settings of the document I'm working on? Are the incompatible in
some way?

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