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Gregory Pittman gregp_ky at yahoo.com
Wed Dec 8 18:58:43 CET 2010

Sorry for the angst, Bill.

On 12/08/2010 12:41 PM, bill capistran wrote:
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> Name: bill capistran
> Email Address: 6778225 at centurylink.net
> Subject: scribus
> Message:
> I downloaded Scribus (from sourceforce). AFTER downloading, a
> window comes up (scribus on windows-read me) instructing me that BEFORE
> downloading software, I must download Ghostscript. They don't indicate
> which Ghostscript to pick from a vast list other that it must at least
> ghostscript 8.60+ also says that it must contain gswin32cexe
> (gswin32exe). After guessing which ghostscript option to choose as there
> is no gswin32exe option nor link to gswin32exe from what I did pick, I'm
> natually left wondering, what the freak! So, is it too late to download
> Ghostscript AFTER I donwloaded scribus, what ghostscript to select, and
> what is ghostscript that it isn't included in the scribus free
> download?
The link from the message should be sort of self-explanatory. What you 
should be able to find is a Windows-installer for Ghostscript, and I 
wouldn't choose anything less than 8.71 version. So, you download/run 
the installer, ghostscript gets installed on your computer. At this 
point, you might consider just starting up Scribus again and see if it 
finds it (no error message means it found it). Otherwise, follow the 
procedure on the wiki page -- look for that 'c' in the Ghostscript 

> Qestion 2: I have Windows Vista with WordPad, is scribus compatible? And
> when I untimately and successfully download everything that needs to be
> downloaded to obtain scribus, how to I begin to transfer what
> is in my WordPad documents into the desktop publishing mode?

Just like a TIFF, or a JPEG, or some other content, a text file is just 
raw material for your DTP work. Something coming out of WordPad is going 
to be fodder for a text frame. As long as you can find your files, it 
doesn't matter what you call them, but putting a .txt extension on a 
plain text file will make things easier.

Check out the wiki for the Working with... series of articles to get you 
started. Buying our official Scribus manual from Amazon or some other 
retailer is another option. If/when you migrate to 1.3.9 version of 
Scribus, you will find more helpful online documentation inside of Scribus.


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