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Submitted on 12/08/2010
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   Name: bill capistran
   Email Address: 6778225 at centurylink.net
   Subject: scribus
I downloaded Scribus (from sourceforce).   AFTER downloading, a  
window comes up (scribus on windows-read me) instructing me that BEFORE  
downloading software, I must download Ghostscript. They don't indicate which  
Ghostscript to pick from a vast list other that it must at least ghostscript  
8.60+ also says that it must contain gswin32cexe (gswin32exe).  After  
guessing which ghostscript option to choose as there is no gswin32exe option  
nor link to gswin32exe from what I did pick, I'm natually left wondering,  
what the freak!  So, is it too late to download Ghostscript AFTER I  
donwloaded scribus, what ghostscript to select, and what is ghostscript that  
it isn't included in the scribus free download?
      Qestion 2:  I have Windows Vista with WordPad, is scribus compatible?   
And when I untimately and successfully download everything that needs to be  
downloaded to obtain scribus, how to I begin to transfer what is in  
my WordPad documents into the desktop publishing mode?

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     Prebuilt/Compiled: Prebuilt
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     Type: Windows
     Version: vista
     CPU type: Other/Don't know

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