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JLuc jluc at no-log.org
Wed Dec 8 17:21:01 CET 2010

Le 08/12/2010 16:57, Jan Schrewe a écrit :
> On 7 December 2010 14:19, Matthias Schmitt<matthias.schmitt at mmp.lu>  wrote:
>> Once an XML stream can be read, people can build interfaces to the
>> different information source inside their companies. Following this strategy
>> a common XML stream can be build from totally different sources, e.g. file
>> based, database based, message based, web based, ...
> The only problem with this is, that you can't write data back to the server
> (at least not as simple as read them).

Really not as simple ?
Writing data back to the server is also a matter of reading :
the CMS reads the XML instead of Scribus reads it...

But may be it is an issue of
'real time program driven exchange' vs 'human clic driven exchanges'.


> After looking at the wiki page I would opt for a REST interface, that is as
> generic as possible on the scribus side. Then developing a database "driver"
> would be as simple as writing a small server that connects to a database and
> transform the data into the xml scribus expects. Connecting scibus to a CMS
> is also just writing a REST interface on the server side. And there would be
> no need to impose a databse table layout or represenation of the data on the
> server.
> I don't really know how this could be done with scribus, if someone pointed
> me in the right direction I would be willing to give it a shot and try to
> implement it.
>   Cheers,
> Jan
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