[scribus] Scribus vs database

a.l.e ale.comp_06 at xox.ch
Tue Dec 7 14:28:57 CET 2010

hi cezary,
>> http://wiki.scribus.net/index.php/Draft_of_end-to-end_publishing_solution
> I wonder why all of that is about CMS systems with XML based data integration
> when in fact almost all CMS systems collect data from some SQL database, and
> for me it is the one common point where we can connect Scribus to it.
> Note that Qt has SQL drivers for most popular database engines.
> In simply solution we can make new type of rendered frame, where content is
> from some SQL query writed by user.
> In advanced solution we can provide some kind of SQL wizzard - GUI for
> creating SQL queries without SQL experience.
> Storing changes in SQL database is not problem too I think.
i've not read that wiki page... but i sill try to give you an answer :-)

python (and c++ and qt) can read from a database, that's not the problem.

but in most cases, you will be running scribus on your computer and the 
cms will be running on the server.
most servers are so configured that they only allow sql requests from 
localhost and your scribus instance is not localhost.

does it explain why the collection of data is done over an XML interface 
instead of directly pulling data from the database?

another reason may be that most CMS have a public XML interface but no 


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