[scribus] Headlines

a.l.e ale.comp_06 at xox.ch
Fri Dec 3 21:18:19 CET 2010


> >>How can I get headlines automaticly. I should like a tool where I
> >> can
> >>make a headline that automatic will change all the headlines.
> >>I make a monthly magazine and in the headlines we put the name of
> >> the
> >>month.Perhaps you can help me.
> >>I hope the English Iused is clear enough.
> >>Thank You.
> >
> > It sounds as if you need to find out about styles. You can create a
> > text style that sets the specific font, point size, and many, many
> > more
> > attributes. Then you just click on each headline and apply the
> > style.
> > Thus, each headline will have the same appearance. If you want to
> > change the appearance of all the headlines, just edit the style and
> > all
> > the headlines will automatically be reformatted.
> I didn't understand his problem that way. It seems he wants
> something that will automatically change the MONTH in the headline
> for each new issue. A paragraph style won't do this, it will just
> apply the style to each headline and if you make a change to the
> style, it will automatically be applied to every paragraph using
> that style.
> I'm a total dummy when it comes to scripting, but my guess is that a
> script could be written that would automate these changes.
> You're completely right about the usefulness of paragraph styles.
> People new to DTP absolutely *must* learn to use styles and not just
> ad hoc paragraph formatting.

warning: don't use scribus 1.5svn for any serious work.

ok, you've been warned.

no, i'd like to tell it to the world: since this week scribus has editable symbols... and they also work with text frames!

thanks to franz!

so, you can type your header in one text frame, store it as a pattern and then place its clones on each page.

when editing one instance of those symbols all other instances will also be modified.

i would never suggest to jan to use 1.5svn, so i don't even CC him... but the afficionados on this list (the few of them who don't read the commits on the svn server...) may be happy to know about it.


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