[scribus] line spacing

Owen rcook at pcug.org.au
Sat Apr 17 23:36:54 CEST 2010

> hello all!  thanks to all who tried to help me a few days ago, it is
> much appreciated.  before i ask my question, which is a very, very
> simply one, i want to preface it by saying that i have the manual,
> have looked up all references to line spacing, have tried to find it
> in wiki (got a page that said 'more to come' after a paragraph or so),
> so please know i'm not being lazy here.  i was able to do line spacing
> within a text box before with prior versions of Scribus but can't seem
> to now.  i select 'fixed line spacing' then use the number wheel by
> the 'T' with the up and down arrows and nothing happens.  in the prior
> version it seemed a bit wiggy, sometimes using the wheel didn't work
> but typing in the number did.  am i missing a step here?  thanks so
> much for your help!


I am not sure what version of Scribus you are using, but on my 1.3.5

1. Select the text box
2. Properties
3. Select 'Text'
4. Adjust the 'Fixed line spacing' size value

and it all works as expected.

You seem to be doing the same, so I am not sure why it is not working
for you.

If you are not confident, don't do the following.

1. Back up your .scribus directory
2. Remove your .scribus directory
3. Open a new document, create a text frame and insert some text
4. Then from the properties, see if you can adjust the line spacing

If you can, it would suggest something has polluted your .scribus file
If not, you can take your backup .scribus and put it back where it
came from.

What font are you using?



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