[scribus] line spacing

Alison Saylor alison.saylor at gmail.com
Sat Apr 17 22:44:26 CEST 2010

hello all!  thanks to all who tried to help me a few days ago, it is
much appreciated.  before i ask my question, which is a very, very
simply one, i want to preface it by saying that i have the manual,
have looked up all references to line spacing, have tried to find it
in wiki (got a page that said 'more to come' after a paragraph or so),
so please know i'm not being lazy here.  i was able to do line spacing
within a text box before with prior versions of Scribus but can't seem
to now.  i select 'fixed line spacing' then use the number wheel by
the 'T' with the up and down arrows and nothing happens.  in the prior
version it seemed a bit wiggy, sometimes using the wheel didn't work
but typing in the number did.  am i missing a step here?  thanks so
much for your help!

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