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John Jason Jordan johnxj at comcast.net
Thu Apr 15 06:48:29 CEST 2010

On Wed, 14 Apr 2010 22:17:47 -0400
Peter Thorkelson <PTHORK at EARTHLINK.NET> dijo:

>I downloaded scribus 1.3.6 for my Mac OSX 10.5.8.
>I may already be in way over my head.  I had hopes that I would get  
>something like quark express, but the first thing that happened was I  
>got an advisory:
>"The following programs are missing:
>Ghostscript : You cannot use EPS images or Print Preview"
>why would I be offered a download with missing programs?  AND/OR what  
>is ghostscript? AND/OR how do I get ghostscript?  AND/OR how
>important is it?
>every effort I make to understand seems to lead me deeper into  
>of course nobody is making me feel it, but I o feel like a kid who  
>hasn't been taught cursive trying to decipher a handwritten discourse  
>on subatomic physics.  I'm not stupid (or so I've been led to  
>believe), but this is way out of reach for me.
>if anybody out there can readily be of help, I'll send my latest CD  
>along by way of thanks.


Welcome to Scribus. And even more, welcome to open source software.

Scribus is, indeed, similar in purpose to QuarkXPress, InDesign,
PageMaker, and other GUI layout programs. However, just as each of the
other programs are different from each other, Scribus is as well.
Buttons are in different places, terms are different, features are in
different locations, and the whole look and feel is different.

In the case of Scribus there are also a few features that the
commercial applications have which are missing. Scribus is developing
very rapidly, but it is still somewhat behind the commercial
applications. However, Scribus also has an occasional feature that is
missing in the commercial applications, especially in the development
release 1.3.6. Every application has strengths and weaknesses compared
to the others.

I have been using Scribus for over a year now and would not go back to
any of the commercial applications. Yes, sometimes I miss a feature,
but I stick with it because I don't want my files held hostage to a
corporate giant that is only interested in making as much money as
possible from me.

I recommend you ease yourself into Scribus. Start with a simple project
for your first attempt at Scribus. Use the wiki and this mailing list
for help. As you gain familiarity you can try more complex projects.
Take your time and don't expect to master Scribus in a couple hours.

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