[scribus] Crop capability.

a.l.e ale.comp_06 at xox.ch
Thu Apr 8 16:34:29 CEST 2010


> >> I know Scribus is not meant to edit text like a text editor but
> >> could something like TinyMCE be incorporated into scribus as a
> >> plugin
> >>
> >> http://tinymce.moxiecode.com/
> >>
> >> not sure if is possible as TinyMCE is for web stuff but there
> >> might be somethig similar out there. If you do this as a plugin
> >> you preserve Scribus as a layout program but allow individuals to
> >> add that bit axtra if they wish to.
> >>
> >> Just a thought.
> >
> > no, i don't think that it would make much sense.
> >
> > - tinymce is developed in javascript which is a language for the
> > web. i don't think their library can be used by a c++ program like
> > scribus or integrated into qt (btw, qt has similar libraries, too)
> >
> > - tinymce does not support any of the advanced formatting features
> > in scribus
> I think what we already have should suffice -- a connection to Gimp
> or some other tool to crop (and obviously much more). As Christoph
> said, use of something for cropping is going to be a destructive
> process if it's going to help by reducing file size -- if it's set up
> to not be destructive, you might just as well not bother, since there
> already is "pretend cropping", i.e., only showing a part of an image
> in a frame.
> If there was a quick plugin way to do this, I would anticipate some 
> gnashing of teeth when someone realized they just destroyed their 
> original image.

imho, it would be nice to have a script calling gimp (or any other image editor) and "automatically" make a copy of the current image and crop it to the current frame and downscaling it to match the wanted resolution.

should be easy to implement, safe enough, and good enough for most cases...

just a thought...

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