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John Culleton john at wexfordpress.com
Thu Apr 1 16:31:11 CEST 2010

On Wednesday 31 March 2010 10:13:45 Ruben Javier Casado wrote:
> Hi.
> I´m new in Scribus. I´ve been using Quarkexpress for a while but it
> doesn´t complete my needs.
> Basically, what I need to do is import text and images from a file (txt,
> xml, etc…)
> I don´t need the images to be in specific places. I need to import some
> text, and then an image (same width as column), then text again, and
> another image…
> I hope you can help me.
> Thanks a lot
> Javier

Suggest you buy the Official manual, or study the on-line wiki, tutorials 
etc. Specifically if you want a body of text, and then you want to put an 
illo, and then some more text etc. I would turn off or delete the automatic 
text frames. Then draw a text frame and fill it, adjusting the lenght as 
needed (little red block at the bottom.) When finished with that set of text 
then draw an image frame below it, right click and choose import image, and 
adjust image to the frame or vice versa, then draw another text frame and 
so on. 

Another way is to use the automatic text frames, but insert a bunch of 
blank paragraphs as spacers at the point where you want to have the illo, 
and then
draw the image frame on top of the text frame on the blank spot left by the 
blank paragraphs. 

Do you know how to draw frames? You left click the correct icon and then 
Hold down the left button and drag to draw the frame to the size you want. 
then you RIGHT click on the frame to get to the menu. For text frames you 
then click on edit text to get to the window where you can insert lines, 
assign styles etc. For image frames you also draw the frame, right click, 
and follow that menu to import the image. 

The book explains it better and in more detail.  
John Culleton
"Create Book Covers with Scribus"
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