[scribus] Wrong emphasis

Jeffrey Silverman jeffrey.d.silverman at gmail.com
Mon Sep 7 01:50:40 CEST 2009

> If the evaluation of Windows versus GNU/Linux  covers and is restricted to -
> Reliability,  Performance,  Flexibility (configuration options),
>  Ease-of-Use, Security (very, very important)  and Value  (Overall
> Costs/ROI), then there is little argument  - or should be - that GNU/Linux
> is "proven" far superior to any iteration of Windows up to and including
> Vista, even given that most creditable Market Research firms and some
> Fortune 500 corporations have determined that /*neither OS has an advantage
> in the 'Ease-of-Use area*/, of which the choice is purely personal.
> Therefore, using Scribus on either OS would or should take above into
> consideration, along with other applications used and the working/business
> arena that may dictate a particular selection.

I am a Linux advocate. I am also a sysadmin/IT guy and thus get
requests from family and friends to "[help fix/install something/check
for viruses/wahatever]  to my computer". I typically do not recommend
Windows as an option. When people ask me to do something I tell them,
"Um, my solution is to install Ubuntu, so please make sure you
understand that up front".

However, even I disagree with the blanket statement that Linux is
proven superior to Windows. Even taking your above mentioned 6 points
as the comparison basis, because I think there are some significant
comparison points missing. Such as the specific user comfort/knowledge
level. Niche market software. Other Windows only software.
Incompatible legacy hardware (there are still a number of things that
Just Don't Work(TM) on Linux, some printers and scanners as examples).

I could elaborate further but I have to put kids to bed. Seeya!


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