[scribus] how to create a black background in a paragraph style

Steven Dayton daytonmeister at gmail.com
Fri Sep 4 06:30:18 CEST 2009

Well so far the only way I have come up with to put some white or reversed
text in or overlapping a solid black rule or line is to do the following.

   1. I set up a line style that is solid black and 16 points thick. In this
   case a black box would probably work just as well without having to use a
   line style. The line style may be quicker to build the shape.
   2. Next I set up a paragraph style with 12 point white text, 3 point
   paragraph indent, and a 65% baseline shift.
   3. I drew a straight line and assigned the 16 point line style to it.
   Then I copied and pasted the 16 point rule above the line of text that is
   supposed to be on top of it. The 16 point line now behaves like a piece of
   4. I assigned the white text style to the line of text below the 16 point
   5. I got some white text with a solid black background.

It works albeit a little screwy. It may not be the easiest to do a live edit
and that is where the Story Editor would be especially helpful. I haven't
been able to figure anything else out so far. It would be better to assign a
rule below with the offset of the rule specified to move up into the area of
the type. QuarkXPress does that and believe InDesign does as well. The rule
below (or above) and the white text would be all in one style.

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