[scribus] the Ubuntu conundrum

Julian Robbins julian.robbins at q-par.com
Fri Oct 23 12:24:22 CEST 2009

> The bug exists at least for Ubuntu's Qt3 versions, but only for users who 
> don't use an en_US locale. To be sure, there was a Qt3 version in an older 
> SUSE version that had the same issue, but it has been fixed quickly. That's 
> why I said Ubuntu doesn't have a monopoly on breaking Qt.
> As Alessandro already wrote, 1.3.5 uses a completely different Qt -- Qt4.
Can I just add that I have been using Ubuntu since 5.10, and Scribus
nearly as long as that, and have never encountered the issue with
locales. I'm in the UK so use en_gb, and I believe that the original
Scribus spinbox problem was mainly encountered amongst non english
locales users (not just non en_US users).

I think a.l.e is right on many accounts; bashing Ubuntu wont help, as
there are many happy Ubuntu using Scribus users out there; and yes, lets
just work together to get these problems fixed ;-) This does need input
from Ubuntu devs though.

I have encountered one issue with Scribus and a problematic qt though,
but this was a few years back and related with an Ubuntu distro upgrade.
This kind of stuff happens to everyone from time to time. I think we
have to say that every distro will very occasionally give problems with
Scribus, but some distros may be better attuned to Scribus user's needs
than others. A professional Scribus user may well be better off using
Suse or Fedora, but a home user wanting to dabble with Scribus using
Ubuntu is probably fine.

I personally as a Scribus user since Vers 0.5, and long term Ubuntu user
at work and at home would not put off someone wanting to use Scribus on
Ubuntu from my own experience.

It would be useful, if someone can confirm if the locales and spinboxes
issue on Ubuntu still exists when using I certainly don't see
it, but perhaps some users do still.


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