[scribus] printing 2 A5 pages in a A4 sheet

Federico Bruni brunology at gmx.com
Fri Oct 23 14:26:08 CEST 2009

Hi all,

my request is not related to Scribus but I know there are people here 
who can help me, and that's urgent: I need to print a flyer to 
distribute in a conference which takes place tomorrow.

I have both A4 and A5 .pdf files (1 page). I want to print two copies 
for each page, so 2 A5 flyers for each A4 paper.
Unfortunately I've never found a printer shop who was able to do it..

These are the .pdf, just in case you want to try:

Here's what I've done:
* create a copy of the A5 .pdf
* merge the two pdf in a two-page pdf file (A5)

then I try to transform in A4 1 page:

* either print to file with Okular --> but I get two pages, even 
though I've set landscape, no margins and two pages per sheet

* or use the following commands:
pdftk 1.pdf 2.pdf cat output 12.pdf
pdf2ps 12.pdf
psnup -l -Pa5 -pa4 -2 12.ps output.ps
ps2pdf -sPAPERSIZE=a4 output.ps output.pdf

the imposition is correct but I get a poor quality output
maybe the problem is with the ps conversion, in fact I get these warnings:

  **** Warning:  Generation number out of 0..65535 range, assuming 0.
    **** Warning:  Generation number out of 0..65535 range, assuming 0.
    **** Warning:  File has an invalid xref entry:  1.  Rebuilding 
xref table.

    **** This file had errors that were repaired or ignored.
    **** The file was produced by:
    **** >>>> iText 2.1.5 (by lowagie.com) <<<<
    **** Please notify the author of the software that produced this
    **** file that it does not conform to Adobe's published PDF
    **** specification.

Can anybody help me?
I'm sorry for the OT request, please let me know which could be the 
right place where asking such information.

Best regards,
Federico Bruni  |  http://www.gnurag.net/blog/

LibrePlanet Italia

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