[scribus] the Ubuntu conundrum

a.l.e ale.comp_06 at xox.ch
Thu Oct 22 13:26:07 CEST 2009

hi greg,
>> believe me -- and I realize that may have been tongue-in-cheek --
>> enormous success for a particular Linux distro can only be a good
>> thing for all the other Linux distros.
> The other thing from a development point-of-view is that there is 
> probably a need/value of some of us who may have one of these massive 
> hard drives on a computer to have more than one linux partition so we 
> can side-by-side see where there are issues with one distro or another.

with one 1TB harddrive (which costs about 100 US$) you should be able to 
install something like 200 different distributions.
(not sure if there is a BIOS supporting this and wether you want to 
scroll down the list)
(well, virtualization may be a better way to go)

i'm willing to pay for this disk for each scribus team member who makes 
the request, if this means a better support for non marginal 
distributions (but you may have guessed it: i don't believe that hard 
disks are the limiting factor here...)

> I would add that this doesn't have to be devs doing this, but really 
> anyone who wants to help the project.

i'm also willing to offer the disk to some elected tester which are not 
in the team.

> The only other thing to add is that maybe we can avoid arguing about 
> how popular or how many computers run this or that distro. I think 
> what Craig was referring to is the long-standing and really unsolvable 
> issue of knowing how much Linux is out there and what kind it is. This 
> serves proprietary OS companies, but is for the rest of us rather 
> uninformative.

like most or all statistic, the one of mine was also made up.

the message was: there are many ubuntu users out there, who are using 
scribus and they are a significative part of the scribus users which 
don't use windows.

i suggest that we don't try to discuss the significance of statitistics 
(we probably all agree on it), but try to solve the problems the ubuntu 
users have with scribus.

i may try to contact some people, if the scribus team welcomes it.

have a nice afternoon

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