[scribus] the Ubuntu conundrum

Thomas Zastrow listen at thomas-zastrow.de
Sat Oct 24 09:33:56 CEST 2009

Gregory Pittman schrieb:
>  The other thing from a development point-of-view is that there is 
> probably a need/value of some of us who may have one of these massive 
> hard drives on a computer to have more than one linux partition so we 
> can side-by-side see where there are issues with one distro or another.
Just right now, I'm installing the brand new RC of Ubuntu in a virtual 
machine. I will test Scribus with it.

Any special testing routine I should consider?? If not, I will install 
Scribus from their repositories and then try to compile the SVN version. 
I have some *very* complex Scribus documents for testing here ... ;-)



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