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> The two things I spend money on are hardware and books. My
> current machine is a no os Systemax bought from Tiger Direct for
> less than $300. It has a dvd rw drive, a 250 gig sata drive, usb
> ports front and back. Chip id 32 bit dual core. I loaded Slack 13 on
> it.  Had to find and load sound drivers. My stepson with identical
> box just plugged in an old sound card instead.
> The usb keyboard was not too good. The letters wore off the
> frequently used keys, and I had no keyboard at boot time for
> selecting partitions.
> I resurrected an ancient  non-usb keyboard and plugged it in.
> Keyboard problems solved.
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To comment on your USB keyboard problems with Slack 13, two other possible
solutions besides using a PS2 keyboard:

1) Enable USB keyboard in the BIOS.
2) Ensure that the kernel used to boot the machine has USB support compiled
into the kernel rather than being loaded as a module.

John Babiak
johnb316 at gmail.com
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