[scribus] Doing a cookbook - how to treat each recipe

Bruce Griffis bruce.griffis at gmail.com
Sun Oct 11 17:20:55 CEST 2009

Thanks for all the recommendations. I kind of like the idea of
breaking the book up into chapters, with a separate file for each
chapter. That fits in well with a cookbook - as I break out meats,
salads and sides, fish and seafood, deserts and miscellaneous. Going
through the submitted recipes - looks like I need a section on Chili!
And another on baked goods. (what can I say, the recipes were
submitted by outdoorspeople and chili is a complete foodgroup for
folks cooking over a fire under the sky).

I'm not sure if there would be enough demand to actually go to print -
so I want to be flexible by creating a book in both PDF format for
online reading, and something that could be printed.

In OOo setting up a Table of Contents and an Index was
straight-forward, as I simply tagged the food types with Heading 1 and
the individual recipes with Heading 2. Heading 1 was used to generate
the TOC, Heading 2 was used to generate the index. All page numbering
lined up that way. I would need to address the Table of Contents and
the index in Scribus differently. (hmmmm - maybe I need to go find the
Scribus book). Anyway, I'll start looking for info on generating toc's
and indexes within Scribus.

Still trying to weigh between a low-cost simple cookbook that can be
hauled along on a campout, versus a pretty, graphic intensive book
that stays on a shelf. For my needs, I like the idea of something
light in pictures but easy to carry and refer to. But that's an
entirely different question, and goes more to defining what the book
should look like and be used for, versus what toolset to use to create
it. Anyway, I'll take what I have in OOo and port it to Scribus to at
least give some flexibility whichever type of book I chose.

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