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Paul & Marie Di Somma pmds at xtra.co.nz
Sun Oct 11 23:00:35 CEST 2009



I want to use Scribus to make a Quick Reference Card (QRC) for

a software product. The QRC has text and pictures and

is printed as an A4 card folded into four panels. The QRC 

is originally written in English and is translated into 9+ languages.

The layout and pictures remain constant across the languages;

only the text changes. Each language is made using a separate file.


Nothing too difficult so far. Currently, it is done in Adobe FrameMaker v7.


My plan is to continue to  make separate cards for each language. Each
language card 

in Scribus has one language (in a layer) and English (in a separate layer). 


I would simply switch off the English layer and switch on the language layer

when the .pdf is produced.


So, for example, the Spanish QRC .sla has English in one layer and

Spanish in another layer. When a .pdf is produced, only the Spanish

layer shows. 


My question is how is it best to translate the QRC. My thinking is

that the translator receive an English .sla file and the translator

the language (for example, Spanish) in place of the English text

using layers. 


But, perhaps, a better way is to get "under the hood" and use .xml tools 

to access the English and translate the language into another layer. 


Or, ideally, can this be done using a script?


Look forward to your suggestions,



Paul Di Somma

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