[scribus] Double-sided layout in A4 - how would you do that in 8.5x11?

Victor Papp victor at vpapp.com
Tue Oct 6 07:45:53 CEST 2009


If your original document (in OO) doesn't match final product size (half 
of  Letter paper), the you should resize your pages first.
Anyway start with creating a postscript file.
You can use any Postscript printer driver and print to file.
I am using ghostscript for printing to ps and pdf from any application.
See http://www.stat.tamu.edu/~henrik/GSWriter/GSWriter.html 
(similar for postscript)

So, you should
1. create a PS file
2. resize each page to final size using
pstops -wOrigwidthmm -hOrigheightmm "1:0 at .7"  source.ps resized.ps

OrigWidth and Origheight are page dimensions in mm, like
pstops -w210mm -h297mm "1:0 at .7"  source.ps resized.ps

this resizes each page to 70% (multiplies size with 0.7)
you can use any multiplier here

3. then go with psbook and others

for 4 pages per sheet you should use pstops as well.
It allows move, rotate and resize pages, imposing pages for books many 
possible ways.

When final ps ready, convert it to pdf for print.


On 06.10.2009 8:13, Bruce Griffis wrote:
> This sounds very similar to what I am trying to do. I am working on a
> cookbook using OpenOffice. It's getting there. I was thinking of
> printing it brochure style, using 8.5x11 paper on it's side, 2 pages
> per side, 4 pages per sheet. I am using Ubuntu (well, Kubuntu),
> OpenOffice and trying to learn Scribus. I exported the document as a
> PDF, but do not know how to format it to print as a brochure (well,
> OpenOffice has Brochure-mode, but that doesn't keep formatting when I
> export as PDF).
> I followed the instructions below, and got a cool PDF in brochure
> mode, 2 pages per side, 4 pages per sheet - but what command should I
> use if I opt for 8.5x11 Letter paper? How about Legal (8.5x14)? Or
> tabloid (11x17)? I'd like to run off a few pages n each size to see
> what "reads" best.
> (I know - I need to find the psutils wiki or do a man psutils)
>>> No acrobat needed here, there is a simpler solution.
>>> While it considered as a professional tool, we have almost everything that
>>> it allows for free with GPL.
>>> a.l.e. is right: ALWAYS use the format of final page: if you are making an
>>> A5  booklet, don't setup A4 document size in scribus.
>>> Setup it as A5.
>>> Then generate PS. (say a5.ps)
>>> and in seconds, using pstops, psbook, and ps2pdf from command line you can
>>> impose pages for booklet.
>>> Example for your case:
>>> make booklet with 2 commands:
>>> psbook a5.ps | psnup -l -Pa5 -pa4 -2>  book.ps
>>> ps2pdf -sPAPERSIZE#a4 book.ps book.pdf
>>> 1st line reorders pages, adding empty ones and puts two a5 pages on one a4
>>> 2nd converts to pdf
>>> Easy enough?
>>> 2 commands and you are done. And you work with single pages in
>>> scribus/anything.
>>> P.S. I am also using pdftk to add marks and custom color bars for offset
>>> printing - and all from command line or scripts.
>>> Victor.
>>> hi william,
>>>> I have used page setup to be A4, double-sided, landscape with
>>>> intention of folding the printed  pages into a brochure style. Thus I
>>>> require that right-hand side of first A4 page is page 1 and left hand
>>>> side is page 4. If I use auto-numbering, Scribus marks both sides as
>>>> page 1.
>>>> How do I set this up properly (to use A5 would make printing a
>>>> nightmare for more than one page).
>>> well, i think the best solution is to set it up in a5 and then use an
>>> imposition (or acrobat) to create a booklet which will be a4...
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