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ah, that's good news, so there is still hope :-)

I have the problem with pdfs containing advertisements, so they include 
photos, grafic elements and text.
And I want to send the endproduct to a online-printer (flyer-alarm.de) 
in Germany in order to print a DINA4 magazine.
In the moment the photos in the pdfs generated from scribus look like 
they have been copied on a color-copymachine ...

Would it make a difference, if I convert the pdfs into some other format 
(jpg, tiff, what shall I choose??) before I load them into scribus?

Hope, that's enough information, otherwise please ask!!!


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a.l.e schrieb:
> hallo thomas
>> does this mean that pdfs are a so to say a weak point of scribus and
>> if I want to print a magazine I should not use pdfs (I don't want to
>> loose myself in fiddling around with "experimental options", I want
>> to make a magazine :-)).
>> I got plenty of pdf-files from different people to include into my 
>> magazine and I can't ask them to send a different format.
>> Is there a solid workaround to include the pdfs or shall I download  
>> something from adobe?
> i would say that, compared to the rest of the free world, pdf are a
> strong feature of scribus.
> still, depending on the type of pdf you get and on the result you have
> to achieve, you will have to rasterize the pdfs and use the correct
> color profiles for it.
> i may be wrong, but i think that the list needs more information about
> the type of pdf you get (vector? text? bitmap?) and what kind of output
> you whish to generate (cmyk? rgb? printshop? offset? color? grayscale?
> web?) to help you...
> have fun
> a.l.e
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