[scribus] Trilingual template - design ideas

John Culleton john at wexfordpress.com
Sat Nov 28 13:17:54 CET 2009

On Saturday 28 November 2009 08:58:16 Gerard Cunningham 
> This isn't strictly a Scribus issue, but I thought I'd ask for ideas
> anyway.
> I've produced a guidebook, basically an A5 publication 
containing ext
> and descriptions, whih allows visitors to retrace an early 
> pilgrimage spot.
> Anyway, the spec has changed, and I've now been asked to 
create a
> trilingual version (English, Irish and Scots Gallic). The suggested
> revision is that I cram three columns into each page, which 
> won't work. As an alternative, I suggested either (a) doing the 
> languages sequentially, or (b) preserving the current English 
pages and
> adding facing pages, and on the facing pages putting the 
translations in
> two columns.
> So my question is, has anyone here ever done similar, and do 
you have
> any templates/proofs I could look at for inspiration.
It is of course possible to lay out the the book with a wide page.
I have a nice book on my shelf "The Artist's Guide to Gimp 
Effects" that has dimensions of roughly 10 x 8 inches.  And my e-
book below is in two columns on a 11 x 8.5 in page layout. The 
uses larger than normal type (14 pt) since it is intended for 
on line reading as well as printing out.
John Culleton
"Create Book Covers with Scribus"

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