[scribus] PDFs not working with screen reader

TSH tsh.gmane at miserableoldgit.me.uk
Mon Nov 23 23:25:53 CET 2009

Julian Robbins wrote:

> Did you try my earlier suggestion of using the compress newsletter
> script ?

I have been experimenting with the tools that the script uses, but with no
difinitive results, yet.

As I said in my previous reply, the script produces problems of its own. In
essence, it converts a PDF to a PS file, uses some compression on the
images, and then converts it back to PDF. The first step strips off any PDF
annotations like clickable links from the file, which would be more
difficult to reinstate than I care to deal with,

The second problem is that I already reduce the resolution of any images I
use to the minimum I can get away with, and I don't want any further
reduction in quality. In fact, if I use the script's default resolution
settings, I can end up with a file that is larger than the original,
because my resolution settings are aleady less than the script's default.

There may be a clue to the problem in the pdftops tool which the script
uses, but in this case that script itself is not the tool for the job.

Thanks anyway.

Stewart H

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