[scribus] PDFs not working with screen reader

Julian Robbins julian.robbins at q-par.com
Mon Nov 23 10:53:26 CET 2009

>>> >> One of our members is visually impaired, and uses a screen reader called
>>> >> Jaws to read text. He reports problems getting this software to read the
>>> >> PDFs I create with Scribus, which he doesn't experience with other PDFs.
>> > Scribus 1.3.3.x doesn't save text in PDFs in truly readable form. There
>> > have been major improvements in 1.3.5+, and I suggest you try this
>> > version.
> An interim update:
> I've upgraded to 1.3.5, but the problem persists; the screen reader is still
> not able to read the PDFs properly. The user made a Brail-to-text output
> for me, and it seems that the main problem is that it is ignoring all
> spaces between words, so that text comes out as one single long line of
> characters. This is near impossible to read in Brail.
> The exception is stuff written in bold type, which comes out as one word per
> line.
> -- Stewart H Posting via Gmane
Hi Stewart

Did you try my earlier suggestion of using the compress newsletter
script ? http://wiki.scribus.net/index.php/Web_optimised_PDF It works
really well, and creates a perfectly formatted parsible text version.

If you're not used to using scripts or if you're using Windows, its
really not too difficult, and the results are worth it.

If you want please email me your PDF to this email address and I will
send it thru the script and mail it back to you for you to try out on Jaws.

Don't forget that if you use the 1.3.5 version of Scribus its still a
development version, and occasionally can come up with some oddities as
you've seen. You can use the stable version with the compress
script quite happily.

I'm in the UK too, so wanted to help ...

Kind regards

Julian Robbins


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